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I Don't Care About Your Band

What I Learned from Indie Rockers, Trust Funders, Pornographers, Faux Sensitive Hipsters, Felons, and Other Guys I've Dated
by Julie Klausner

This is the kind of book you read when you think you've been watching too much TV lately, but don't actually want to read a book. Which is to say: short-ish, shallow-ish, funny and easy to digest. Julie Klausner has rotten taste in men, "I've found a really good guy, really this time!" pseudo-epilogue notwithstanding, and her pain is your entertainment. Oh, spoiler alert!

There actually isn't much for me to identify with in this book, but that's kind of part of the point. The litany of Poor Life Choices played for laughs works best for me when there isn't a shred of self-recognition to spoil the fun, and about the only thing I have in common with Klausner is my possession of a vagina.

My vagina and I post-it noted the following pages:
Meanwhile, I know way more women than girls. There's a whole generation of us who rode on the wings of feminism's entitlement like it was a Pegasus with cornrows, knowing how smart we were and how we could be anything. p. xi (Okay, what? I laughed at that image, but I think there's something about it that I'm missing.)
Colin was also, incidentally, endowed with the most enormous penis I'd ever seen in my life, an appendage on behalf of which I actually had to run errands. I remember buying Magnum brand condoms at Duane Reade with a twinkle in my eye like Gene Kelly's while he splashed in the puddles outside Debbie Reynolds's house. p. 82


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